[Spoiler] "Golden Rainbow" Jung Il-woo finds out Jo Min-ki's motive for murder

Jung Il-woo found out Jo Min-ki's real motive for murder.

On the episode of the MBC drama "Golden Rainbow", Seo Do-young (Jung Il-woo) visited the place where Kim Han-joo (Kim Sang-joong) made a call from right before he died.

The DNA lab told Seo Do-young they couldn't tell him private information but Seo Do-young revealed that he was investigating a case and discovered the truth about Kim Han-joo's whereabouts.

Seo Do-young found out Kim Baek-won (UEE) was really Jang Ha-bin and learned the real reason why Seo Jin-ki tried to kill Kim Han-joo.

Seo Do-young also found out that Seo Jin-ki tried to kill Kim Baek-won and everything Jo Kang-doo said before he died and cried at the fact that they could never return to the path they came across.

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