[Spoiler] "Less Than Evil" Park Ho-san Stands With Serial Killer

Park Ho-san is starring in the MBC drama "Less Than Evil" as Jeon Cheon-man who consistently gets on Woo Tae-seok's (Shin Ha-kyun) nerves.

On the latest episodes, Jeon Cheon-man (Park Ho-san) turned out to be on serial killer Jang Hyeong-min's (Kim Gun-woo) side. Jeon Cheon-man avoided Woo Tae-seok and his fellow detectives' eyes and headed to where Jang Hyeong-min was hiding. He tried to end their secret relationship in return for helping Jang Hyeong-min. However, Jang Hyeong-min didn't agree and provoked Jeon Cheon-man.

Jeon Cheon-man didn't like that and pointed his gun at Jang Hyeong-min. He smiled as he said, "I've even shot Song Man-soo so why can't I shoot you?"

Jang Hyeong-min felt scared for his life and tried to make a deal by giving him the keys to the safe, but Jeon Cheon-man said, "It's not about the money, you trash". Jang Hyeong-min was helpless and offered him more money than he did 13 years ago. Jeon Cheon-man accepted it.

Jang Hyeong-min also gave up the chance to end his terrible deeds and was blinded by money again.

Park Ho-san has been creating a three-dimensional character every episode. In the following week, he finds out that Eun Sun-jae (Lee Seol) is Bae Yeo-wool (Cho Yi-hyun) and bullies Woo Tae-seok in another way.