[Spoiler] "Mother - Drama" Lee Bo-young Worries About Heo Yool

On the first episode of "Mother - Drama", Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) found Hye-na (Heo Yool) out on the street late at night.

She was reading a flyer from the ground and Soo-jin said, "It's too late for you to be outside right now". She took Hye-na home.

Hye-na gave a cookie she found in Soo-jin's house to her hamster and wondered if she should eat the rest. Soo-jin excused herself and when she did, Hye-na put the cookie into her mouth.

Later, Soo-jin prepared dinner for Hye-na and she said, "My mother cooks well too. My mom is pretty and she's good at putting make-up on. She smells good, too. She works at a cosmetics store".

Hye-na asked Soo-jin, "Don't you like my mother?" and Soo-jin nodded. Hye-na asked who she liked and she replied, "I like birds". They then spent time talking about birds and Soo-jin promised Hye-na to go bird watching one day.

Soo-jin took Hye-na home. She saw the man Hye-na's mother, Ja-young (Ko Sung-hee), and it infuriated her and made her worried for the child.

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