[Spoiler] "My Golden Life" Park Si-hoo Disobeys

On the latest episode of the weekend drama "My Golden Life", No Yang-ho (Kim Byung-ki) collapsed after getting a text message from Choi Do-kyung (Park Si-hoo).

Choi Do-kyung refused to come to Haesung Group and it made Yang-ho angry. He grabbed his chest and fainted in the car.

Yang-ho and Choi Do-kyung hadn't seen eye to eye with Choi Do-kyung about Haesung Group. Choi Do-kyung refused to join Haesung Group and his text message had caused Yang-ho to become ill.

Not only that, Choi Jae-sung (Jeon No-min) who was vice-president of Haesung group, had a lot of complaints, too. After announcing that he knew about his wife No Myung-hee's (Na Young-hee) affair, he resigned from his post.

Yang-ho looked for Choi Jae-sung, but he hung up on him saying he resigned. Later, Yang-ho tried to make Choi Do-kyung the president of the apparel department and told No Myung-hee he was giving Choi Do-kyung final chance.

However, things didn't work out the way he planned. His grandson and son-in-law didn't do as he asked and Yang-ho collapsed out of anger.

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