[Spoiler] "My Healing Love" Jung Ae-ri Kneels to So Yu-jin

On the latest episode of the MBC weekend drama "My Healing Love", Im Chi-woo (So Yu-jin) recovered her memory.


Im Chi-woo asked Heo Song-joo (Jung Ae-ri) why she left her. Heo Song-joo said, "Chi-woo, please forget. It's all in the past now". Im Chi-woo said, "I am going to tell grandmother. Who abandoned me? I have to tell her for her sake".

Heo Song-joo said, "Yes, it was me. It was a mistake". Im Chi-woo argued back, "Do you know how scary it is for a 5 year-old to lose her family? Do you have any idea how scared I was? But you call that a mistake?" Heo Song-joo explained that she looked for Chi-woo everyday ever since she lost her, Im Soo-woo said, "You didn't look for me to find me. You wanted to stop me from coming back home. Tell my father and grandmother that. Then leave. I can't care to watch you pretending to be a good person". Heo Song-joo said, "I lived 33 years begging you for forgiveness. I couldn't sleep because I thought I heard you cry. I wasn't at ease all this while".

Im Chi-woo asked, "I've lived 33 years without a family and now are you telling me you're the victim?" Heo Song-joo got on her knees and begged, "I am so sorry. I will pay you back in any way. Please let this go just once. Please". Im Chi-woo added, "I gave you a chance, but you ignored it". Heo song-joo kept begging, "Not Jin-yoo and Yi-yoo. They can't know this. I will leave or die if you tell me to. Please don't tell them".

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