[Spoiler] "My Healing Love" So Yu-jin Fights to Reunite With Her Family

On the latest episode of "My Healing Love", Jeong Hyo-sil (Ban Hyo-jung) finally received news about her beloved Gong-joo. Heo Song-joo (Jung Ae-ri) had made it seem like Gong-joo had died 5 years ago by switching DNA samples. It hurt Hyo-sil that she hadn't looked for her earlier.


Im Chi-woo (So Yu-jin) also struggled to find her family. She heard from the police that they found someone like the family she was looking for. When her father-in-law Park Boo-han (Kim Chang-wan) asked what she wanted to do with her family when she met them, she said, "I want to take pictures with thnem and I want to hear that I look like my parents".

Hyo-sil was surprised at what Ki-bbeum (Park Ye-na) was wearing. The outfit was very similar to the one Gong-joo wore when she was a child. Hyo-sil asked where she got the dress and started to put pieces together.

Other than Song-joo, no one thought that Chi-woo could be the lost daughter. They started looking up information about her and she also started getting suspicious.

She started remembering things little by little. Then, she found her picture in Hyo-sil's house. So Chi-woo was surprised and said that was her in the picture. Hyo-sil broke down in tears and hugged her little girl.