[Spoiler] "My Healing Love" So Yu-jin Misses Yeon Jung-hoon

On the latest episode of the drama "My Healing Love", Park Jeon-seung (Im Kang-sung) learned that the deal about China was a scam. Loan sharks burst into his office and his home. Kim Yi-bok (Park Joon-geum) suggested asking Im Chi-woo (So Yu-jin) for help, but Park Boo-han (Kim Chang-wan) and Park Wan-seung (Yoon Jong-hoon) stopped her.


However, Kim Yi-bok went to Im Chi-woo anyway and caused a scene. Im Chi-woo gave Park Boo-han some money and he said, "When this happened, I was glad you weren't there to go through it".

Back at home, Im Chi-woo discovered traces of Choi Jin-woo (Yeon Jung-hoon). She cried to herself, "What do I do without you. I didn't mean it when I said leave me alone. I feel safe with you next to me. I loved waltzing with you. I tried to ignore you but I can't". Turned out he was behind her and he hugged her saying, "That's enough, thank you".

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