[Spoiler] "My Heart Shines" Lee Tae-im appears in heat of the moment

Lee Tae-im made a surprise appearance in "My Heart Shines".

On the sixteenth episode of the SBS weekend drama "My Heart Shines", Lee Soon-soo (Lee Tae-im) ignored Lee Mal-sook's (Yoon Mi-ra) phone call.

Lee Soon-soo said, "I don't know that number and how I do I know it's legit? Just hang up for me please" to Pyo Seong-joo (Yoon Da-hoon). He called her 'mean' and she made a 'mean' face for him.

Pyo Seong-joo grabbed her into a hug as if he couldn't get enough of her and said, "What do I do with you?" Lee Soon-soo said back to him, "I love you".

This scene is the first appearance of her ever since the 'cussing issue'. She didn't show up for making the drama last month because she wasn't well. Then she was accused of cussing at Kim Yewon at the recording of a TV show and released an apology. She stepped down from the show.

The scene was taken during the mess. She appeared for work on the 5th of March. The following seventeen and eighteenth episodes don't require her appearance and it looks like she won't be seen for a while.

Meanwhile, "My Heart Shines" is the story of three sisters struggling for revenge and success starring Jang Shin-young, Lee Tae-im, Nam Bo-ra, Bae Soo-bin and Oh Chang-seok.