[Spoiler] "Suspicious Partner" Dong-ha not guilty? The culprit is revealed

It turned out Dong-ha was the real culprit.

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Suspicious Partner", Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) confessed her feelings to Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook) but was dumped and Jeong Hyeon-soo (Dong Ha) was the culprit.

Eun Bong-hee told Noh Ji-wook that she liked her but he pushed her away saying, "Don't like me".

Eun Bong-hee said, "Then don't be nice to me or I might misunderstand". In front of the team, she said, "You and I are nothing".

Eun Bong-hee and Noh Ji-wook set out to investigate Jeong Hyeon-soo's alibi. They got footages from the CCTV from the neighborhood where the murder occurred and even Cha Yoo-jeong (Kwon Nara) was there too.

Cha Yoo-jeong told Noh Ji-wook that Jeong Hyeon-soo had record of assault on another person before and Noh Ji-wook went to see him. Looking at the pictures, Jeong Hyeon-soo said, "Oh right, I did that". He claimed he assaulted a man who was abusing a woman, but he didn't commit murder.

Noh Ji-wook said, "I don't like my clients lying to me, but I don't like it when they're even more honest". He didn't believe Jeong Hyeon-soo but he defended him to his best in trial. Jeong Hyeon-soo was ruled not guilty.

However, Noh Ji-wook didn't stop investigating Jeong Hyeon-soo's alibi and speculated something with one suspicious fact. The alibi didn't happen at the time Jeong Hyeon-soo said and everything was imagined by him.

The culprit turned out to be Jeong Hyeon-soo. Not only that, he was also responsible for the Jang Hee-joon (Hwang Chan-sung) case that cornered Eun Bong-hee.

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