[Spoiler] 'The Lover' Choi Yeo-jin gets super jealous as Jung Joon-young is fanboying over Kim Tae-hee

On the 4th episode of Mnet's "The Lover", Choi Yeo-jin exploded with jealousy as Jung Joon-young was fanboying over Kim Tae-hee.

On this day, Yeong-joon (Jung Joon-young) asked Jin-nyeo (Choi Yeo-jin), "If you'd have to choose between homeless Won Bin and millionaire Okdongja (best-known ugly comedian), who would you choose".

Jin-nyeo chose Won Bin first. Yeong-joon asked again, "if Won Bin would be a playboy and Okdongja would look at you only, who would you do". After much thought and careful consideration, Jin-nyeo chose Okdongja.

This time, Jin-nyeo asked a similar question to Yeong-joon, "Between penniless Kim Tae-hee and wealthy Oh Na-mi, who would you choose?"

Yeong-joon without hesitation chose Kim Tae-hee. Jin-nyeo asked again, "It's 200 kg Kim Tae-hee and great body Oh Na-mi. Choose one".

Yeong-joon chose Kim Tae-hee this time again. "Flat-chested Kim Tae-hee and G cup Oh Na-mi, choose one", said Jin-nyeo. Yeong-joon still chose Kim Tae-hee. Jin-nyeo could not hold her jealousy and yelled at him, "Is it me or Kim Tae-hee, choose".

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