[Spoiler] "The Queen's Flower" Kim Sung-ryung, will she take over Lee Jong-hyuk?

Kim Sung-ryung succeeded in marrying Lee Jong-hyuk. However, she had a rival in love. Kim Chae-yeon, Lee Jong-hyuk's ex-lover, appeared.

On the twenty second episode of the MBC drama "The Queen's Flower", Rena Jeong (Kim Sung-ryung) called Park Min-joon (Lee Jong-hyuk) in the middle of a show.

She wanted to prove that he wasn't a 'sponsor' and called him in the middle of the show to tell him that she loved him. She then announced that she'd be marrying him. The next day, news everywhere said, "Rena Jeong, the modern day Cinderella". She finally got to marry him like she wished.

However, Hee-ra (Kim Mi-sook) knew Rena's self-made scandal and suggested to Tae-soo (Jang Yong) that they made the couple get married but only register them as a married couple one year later. Tae-soo brought it up to Rena and although she didn't like it, she chose to accept.

Rena had her wedding at a resort. A woman was watching their wedding with a strange look on her face. It was Min-joon's first love Ji-soo (Kim Chae-yeon). Hye-jin (Jang Young-nam) had used her as the card to bring Min-joon and Rena apart. Hee-ra agreed to this and Ji-soo did too as she needed the money.

Min-joon reunites with his first love in the next episode.