[Spoiler] "Two Lives One Heart" Go Soo Runs with Heart in Hand

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Two Lives One Heart", Park Tae-soo (Go Soo) stole the heart that was to be transplanted into presidential candidate Han Min-sik (Jung Doo-kyum).

Park Tae-soo (Go Soo) learned that Choi Seok-han (Uhm Ki-joon) was going to steal Yoon Seo's (Shin Rin-ah) heart and offered to go into surgery, too.

On the day of the surgery, the heart arrived and Park Tae-soo seemed to go into surgery, but he stole the heart and ran away from the hospital.

Choi Seok-han called Park Tae-soo and said, "Listen to me, come back with the heart right now. Please". Park Tae-soo hung up on him.

Yoon Hyeon-il (Jung Bo-suk) was outraged and wanted Park Tae-soo to come back. The police found Park Tae-soo's car and took him back to the hospital, but the heart was missing from the icebox.