[Spoiler] 'W' Han Hyo-joo saves Lee Jong-suk's life again, second act continues thanks to kiss

On the episode 10 of MBC's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "W", Kang Cheol was driven into the perilous situation again without much relevant context.

On this day, the actual criminal man went to the web-toon writer, Seong-moo (Kim Eui-sung) and threatened him, "Don't' betray me. I've been following your orders so far. Why are you trying to kill me?".

The criminal man told Seong-moo, "Now, it's your turn to follow my orders" and then ordered the writer to draw a gun and bullets for him. The criminal man took the lives of many innocent people.

Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) was not safe either. The criminal man manipulated the accident that had happened ten years ago. He framed Kang Cheol as the murderer of his parents and also a director of a broadcasting company.

Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) was also in troubles. Yeon-joo could not go back to the real world without any explicable reasons. When Yeon-joo encountered Kang Cheol, who was on the run and bleeding excessively, she saved his life.

Kang Cheol asked her, "Have we met before" and Yeon-joo could not say anything to answer his question.

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