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"Stove League" Kim Do-hyun, Yoon Byung-hee, Ha Do-kwon, Kim Dong-won-II and Chae Jong-hyeop, "We are all Dreams"

The SBS drama "Stove League", which ended last month, is a 'straightforward office drama about the new captain of the lousiest baseball team, 'Dreams', preparing them for a new season. The drama ended with a viewership of 19.1% amidst popularity.


Breaking the public perception that 'sports dramas are hard to make a hit out of', it was loved by baseball fans as well as people who are not familiar with baseball. For fans who are still lingering over the drama, the actors from the drama got together for interviews and pictures.


"Stove League" is directed by Jeong Dong-yoon, written by Lee Shin-hwa, and features Namkoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-se, Cho Byeong-kyu, Son Jong-hak, Lee Joon-hyuk-I. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/12/13~2020/02/14, Fri, Sat 22:00 on SBS.

Kim Do-hyun, 'strategy team leader Yoo Kyeong-taek'

Kim Do-hyun, goes from a villain to a good guy

Kim Do-hyun, 'look forward to his next move'

Yoon Byung-hee, 'Team leader Yang Won-seop from the Dreams scout team'

Yoon Byung-hee, 'the humanist of Dreams'

Yoon Byung-hee, 'warm smiles'


Kim Dong-won-II, 'Dreams infielder Kwak Han-yeong'

Kim Dong-won-II, 'I am the nice guy'

Kim Dong-won-II, 'soft gaze'

Ha Do-kwon, 'I'm here'

Ha Do-kwon, 'Dreams ace Kang Doo-gi'

Ha Do-kwon, 'soft charisma'

Chae Jong-hyeop, 'good looking pitcher Yoo Min-ho'

Chae Jong-hyeop, 'super rookie'

Chae Jong-hyeop, 'a smile like the sun'

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