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The Young With Naked Foot

(Manbalui Chongchun) (1964)
At 11 a.m. on Saturday
Seoul Selection Bookstore

Directed by Kim Ki-duk, The Classic film is a lovestory of a couple who try to overcome the difference in their social classes. So Tu-su, a tough leader of a crime ring, saves Yoanna and her friend who are being harassed by gangs. From that day forward, Tu-su and Yoanna begin to meet frequently. Yoanna, who pretends to be the daughter of an ambassador, leads a luxurious life while Tu-su lodges at brothels. The story unfolds as the two try to understand each other's different lives. But Tu-su is imprisoned on charges of swindling in the process of acquiring money for his dates with Yoanna. Even though they meet again after he is discharged from prison, they still face the impenetrable wall of class difference. Nevertheless, they escape from the police and flee to a safe haven. Tickets: 3,000 won. Located near Anguk Station on subway line 3. Details: (02) 734-9539 or