"Take My Hand", Ahn Mi-na makes a comeback

Actress Ahn Mi-na made a comeback with new MBC morning drama "Take My Hand".

Stills of the drama showed Ahn Mi-na as if she was being investigated. She is looking at the detective with big round eyes full of worry.

Another picture shows her in the sauna. She is smiling with a towel wrapped around her head.

"Take My Hand" is about the revenge, love and success of a woman who was rid of everything after being framed for killing her mother.

Ahn Mi-na said, "I'm happy to be back with a drama. This character is quite different from the ones I've done until now".

Ahn Mi-na debuted in 2005 with the MBC drama, "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" as Kim Sun-ah's fellow patisserie. She starred in the movie "Radio Star" and "Wonderful Radio" as well.