"Tattoo" Seo Young, "34 hours for a bed scene"

At the premiere of the movie "Tattoo" on December 1st, actress Seo Young said, "It's not every day that an actress gets to show off tattoos on her entire body so I thought it was a good opportunity. I got tattooed for 3 hours and a half. It was alright when I was wearing clothes, but during the bed scene with Song Il-gook, it kept rubbing off".

"We filmed the bed scene for about 34 hours. We rolled around on a wooden floor and not on a bed. I was exhausted after that. The blood dried up and my hair got stuck to it so I had to cut it out".

"Tattoo" is about an unfortunate tattooist named Soo-na (Yoon Joo-hee) meeting the man named Ji-soon (Song Il-gook) in the state that she's in. She plans to poison him by adding snake venom into the ink. Song Il-gook, who is the father of triplets, is a psychopath killer in this movie, which comes out on the 10th of December.

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