The best combination of a couple?


This year started off with human drama ("Late Blossom") or comedy dramas ("Suicidal Forecast"). It's not easy to see a heart trembling mellow flick. Which couple from the mellow flicks that are due this later half of this year, are audiences looking forward to see the most?

"Always" Se Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo

Traditional mellow movie, "Always" is soon to be released. "So Gan-ji, So Ji-sub" and young beauty Han Hyo-joo have the Chungmuro looking forward to it.

"Always" is about a destined love between a former boxer Cheol-min who has lived a weedy life, and Jeong-hwa who doesn't lose her smile even with a dark future ahead of her. Director Song Il-gon showed confidence in the two actors' beautiful but sad love story, "True emotions will convey to the audience".

■ "In Love and the War" Kim Joo-hyuk and Jung Ryeo-won


Kim Joo-hyuk and Jung Ryeo-won's fond love is soon to be coming in the movie "In Love and the War" on the 28th of April. It is a human drama drawing laughter and emotion in big scale in the ironic situation of Korea's painful war history, but Kim Joo-hyuk and Jung Ryeo-won's alove story is not to be missed.

Kim Joo-hyuk is a North Korean general and Jung Ryeo-won is an ambitious country girl Seol-hee. These two are drawn to each other without control even in the cross fire of war.

■ "R2B: Return to Base" Rain and Shin Se-kyung


"World Star" Rain and "Chungmuro blue chip" Shin Se-kyung also have a love line in the mid air action blockbuster "R2B: Return to Base".

"R2B: Return to Base" is about the life-risking missions of Korean air force fighters, about their lives and love. Other than Rain and Shin Se-kyung are Yu Jun-sang, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Ha-na and more.

"Gabi" Joo Jin-mo and Kim So-yeon

Joo Jin-mo and Kim So-yeon are the lead acts in "Gabi". Spy mellow movie "Gabi" is about the time during the Korea royal refuge at the Russian legation, the secret mission of spies from Japan to assassinate the emperor Gojong.

Joo Jin-mo is the best Russian shooter Ilyich, and the first Chosun barista is Tanya played Kim So-yeon. These two will carry on with their secret missions as well as mellow flow.


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