"The Front Line" pre-sold to 3 countries... what about Cannes?

It turns out director Jang Hoon's war movie "The Front Line" has already been pre-sold in 3 countries without any promotional videos.

Distributor of the movie "The Front Line" (produced by TPS Company) Showbox revealed, ""The Front Line" has already been sold to England, Thailand and Germany through the Berlin Movie Festival".

"The Front Line" 20 minutes long promotional video has been revealed to the buyers for the first time at the Cannes film market on the 11th. Director Jang, the actors, and distributors from all countries, seem to all have been greatly satisfied.

Showbox plans on proceeding with the second market screening on the 15th and letting know "The Front Line" to the world.

"The Front Line" is the most looked forward to movie of all about the warriors who had to risk their lives to dominate the highlands while the cease fire negotiation was going on during the Korean War. An investment of about 10 billion won (~US$10 millions) was made.

The cast includes Go Soo, Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Ok-vin and director Jang Hoon who also created and continuously succeeded in movies ("Rough Cut" and "Secret Reunion") has the megaphone.

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