The Power of Female Directors in "Beyond Evil", "Vincenzo", "MINE"

The drama world is completely captivated by the exquisiteness of female directors.


A new wind is blowing for the broadcasting industry which used to say 'writers are women, directors are men'. The power of female directors, who show strength not only in fresh romance but also in genre and dark hero movies, dominates the drama world. From JTBC's "Beyond Evil" to tvN's "Vincenzo" and tvN's "MINE", the power of directors create a 'world of high-end production' with their delicate weapons enriching the spectacle.

Recently, broadcasters have been going against the mainstream to the point where they can also be called the freshness of newcomers. Many new directors have been born. Director Sim Na-yeon's "Beyond Evil" which viewers praised as 'the ultimate in directing', was highly praised for her work. Although the chilling performances of the actors, including Shin Ha-kyun and Yeo Jin-goo, created such an honor, director Sim Na-yeon's sensuous production attracted viewers' attention. In particular, director Sim Na-yeon's smart directing ability to deal with the brutal reality of camera walking and crimes against women in a non-violent way, is her strongest advantage. In response, those who watched the drama "Beyond Evil" even praised it by saying, "A monster-like director has been born". Her change, which showed a completely different directing style from her previous work "A Moment at Eighteen", was enough to make fans look forward to her next production.

Director Kim Hee-won-II, who showed the power of a female director with "Ssang Ggeul" was told through MBC's "Money Flower" that she was 'different to begin with'. She showed extraordinary directing skills to the extent that she is being recognized as a ' master ' of directing. Of course, there must have been an aura of Song Joong-ki's seemingly cut appearance, but director Kim Hee-won-II led "Vincenzo" with a directing power that utilizes 120% of the actors' strengths, and in fact, online communities and have created and shared 'moving pictures' in each scene with praise for her directing.

This means that each scene was enough to receive positive reviews. Director Kim Hee-won-II is also the most notable director at the moment, and her work has yet to be revealed to the surface, but collaboration with top class writers in Korea is also scheduled.

"MINE" which is being aired recently, is also a hot topic. It is no exaggeration to say that director Lee Na-jeong, who used to show romance-specific directing skills with "Fight For My Way" and "Love Alarm", is showing everything she has through "MINE". It hogs the positive reviews every week, capturing the secrets of the mysterious Hyowon family, the frighteningly changing situations, and the betrayal and solidarity of female cast members on a reversal-filled screen.

In addition, the delicate productions shown through the female narrative stand out. "MINE" with Lee Bo-young and Kim Seo-hyung at the forefront, is expected by viewers as it depicts the performance of the two women who broke expectations. As "MINE" which currently has a turning point, is breaking the highest viewer rating every week, expectations are also high for director Lee Na-jeong's directing ability to fly higher.

As such, 'women director power' has emerged as a hot topic in broadcasting companies. An official from a production company said, "The delicate directing power of female directors has been causing good winds recently. At a time when gender sensitivity has emerged as a hot topic, the birth of directors who minimize inconvenience and satisfy viewers with their directing skills will continue to be awaited".

Directors, who are highly anticipated by the broadcasting industry, are waiting to appear. Director Park Soo-won, who received attention with "Birthcare Center" and director Park Soo-jin-II, who is about to broadcast "Why Her?" are also drawing attention. Director Lee Soo-hyun-II, who co-directed dramas such as "Find Me in Your Memory" and "Awaken", will co-direct with CP So Jae-hyun through TVING's anticipated drama "The Witch's Diner" which will be released in the second half of the year. Director Lee Soo-hyun-II, who has already received passing marks from famous directors, will also be the main director of "Shooting Star" which will begin production in the second half of the year.

It is the viewers who are excited by the emergence of various directors. It is expected that the development of new directors armed with freshness will fill the drama world with lots to see.

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