"The Time We Were Not in Love" Ha Ji-won's family shot

The new SBS weekend drama "The Time We Were Not in Love" revealed a family picture.

A still of daughter Oh Ha-na (Ha Ji-won), father Oh Jeong-guen (Shin Jung-geun), mother Kim Soo-mi (Seo Ju-hee) and son Oh Dae-bok (Lee Joo-seung) was released.

"The Time We Were Not in Love" is a romantic comedy about Oh Ha-na and Choi Won (Lee Jin-wook) who are far from romance but slowly changing.

Ha-na is a sophisticated career woman outside but is a cute daughter at home. Oh Jeong-geun is a nagger and seems cold but is actually a fool for his daughter. Kim Soo-mi is a heart-warming mother and Oh Dae-bok is a lifeless young man without a job.

The still shows strong family love. Ha-na looks exceptionally close to her father as she has her arm in his and her head on his shoulder.

The energy of this 'family' filled the set on the day this picture was taken. They were so realistic that everyone had a smile on their faces.

"The Time We Were Not in Love" family is going to be a highlight in the drama which is coming on the 27th at 9:55PM.

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