"Time Slip Dr. Jin" Park Min-young most popular with kids

Actress Park Min-young from the new MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. JIN" was the

Park Min-young will star as 2012 Yoo Min-na and Hong Yeong-rae in "Time Slip Dr. JIN" which is a time traveling drama.

In the picture of Park Min-young revealed on the 7th is the doctor Yoo Mi-na.

Lively and lovely Yoo Mi-na is helping poor children who can't get medical help in their environment and is the most popular actress on set. She took pictures with the children and seemed very comfortable with them.

A drama staff said, "The sudden rise in weather temperature has made work a little bit more difficult but we are working as a team and thanks to Park Min-young for making the atmosphere that much livelier".

Fantasy medical drama "Time Slip Dr. JIN" is an original based on Murakami Mutokai's famous comic about a doctor who travels through time to the 1860s.

The rest of the cast includes Lee Beom-soo, Song Seung-heon, Kim Kim Jae-joong, Lee So-yeon and more. To be aired on the 26th at 9:50PM.