Today's Photo: August 12, 2020 [4]

Gongchan, Ji Hyun-woo, Kim So-eun and Park Geon-il pose at a press junket for their new TV series "Lonely Enough to Love" in Seoul on Tuesday.

Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun

Kim So-eun

Ji Hyun-woo


Park Geon-il



"Lonely Enough to Love" is directed by Lee Hyun-joo-II, written by Choi Yoo-jung-II, Jo Jin-gook, and features Ji Hyun-woo, Kim So-eun, Park Geon-il, Han Ji-wan, Ha Young, Gongchan. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/08/11~Now airing, Tue 22:50 on MBC every1.