"Tomorrow With You" postponed, plan falls through with Han Ji-min

tvN drama "Tomorrow With You" has been postponed.

Sources from the Korean Drama Department explained, "tvN drama "Tomorrow With You" is being set back for analysis. Han Ji-min who was an initial candidate for casting has been cancelled too".

"Tomorrow With You" is a fantasy romance about a time traveler and his wife. This couple continues their romance even after getting married.

Sources say, "Many dramas are in discussion about coordination at the moment including Ji Chang-wook for "The K2". "The K2" is about a bodyguard who loves his country but is abandoned by it, and the hidden daughter of a presidential candidate who uses love as a weapon. The desire to become the First Lady also lies within the story. "The K2" is written by Jang Hyeok-rin who also wrote "Yong Pal"".

The line up for tvN is "Dear My Friends" and then "The Good Wife" after that. Coming up in November is "Goblin", although September is still unclear.

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