TOP 5 stars who look good in military uniforms

<p>The 'military look' is everywhere in dramas, movies and TV shows. In the movie <a href="Operation Chromite", Lee Jung-jae, Lee Beom-soo, Liam Neeson and others all appeared in military. Song Joong-ki, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won and more were all soldiers in "Descendants of the Sun". A TV show that ended last year was also all about military life.

However, the reason why the military look is so popular these days is because the figure of the soldier depicted in the movies and dramas is unique compared to other characters. First of all, the image of a soldier symbolizes strength and sharp charisma. Whatever adversity and hardships will not be an obstacle to them. There's also the military look that makes viewers' hearts beat faster. Who look the best suited up?

<p>- <a href='korean_Song_Joong-ki.php'><strong>Song Joong-ki</strong></a>,

Song Joong-ki played Captain Yoo Si-jin in the drama "Descendants of the Sun". He might look far from 'macho' and is actually 'cute' instead but seeing him in military and in action increased the fantasies of having a 'soldier boyfriend'.

<p>- <a href='korean_Lee_Jung-jae.php'><strong>Lee Jung-jae</strong></a>, looks good even on the North side</p>
<p><a href='korean_Lee_Jung-jae.php'><strong>Lee Jung-jae</strong></a> was a North Korean soldier named Captain Jang Hak-soo in the movie <a href="Operation Chromite" that was released last year. He was in North Korean uniform. He ran around anywhere he could to find information for McArthur on the enemies. Although he was a North soldier, people say his fierce eyes and charisma as well as the good looks left a strong impression.

<p>- <a href=Rain, the pilot

Rain who recently got married to actress Kim Tae-hee played Jeong Tae-hoon, a pilot in the movie "R2B: Return to Base". He wore a tight-fitting pilot uniform with black sunglasses and this was new from the usual combat uniforms. It was rare for a movie to be based on pilots as well and Rain will be remembered as the only celebrity who played a pilot in uniform.

<p>- <a href='korean_Go_Soo.php'><strong>Go Soo</strong></a>, a statue in uniform</p>
<p><a href='korean_Go_Soo.php'><strong>Go Soo</strong></a> was in uniform in <a href="The Front Line". He played Kim Soo-hyeok and wore the Korean military uniform from the 6.25 War. The movie was based on the war so he didn't look outstanding but he managed to bring out the best of the military look from that era.

<p>- <a href='korean_Kim_Ji-won.php'><strong>Kim Ji-won</strong></a>, the best female soldier</p>
<p><a href='korean_Kim_Ji-won.php'><strong>Kim Ji-won</strong></a> is the only female actress who has been in uniform recently in a lead role. She played Yoon Myeong-joo, a military doctor in Descendants of the Sun".

The response to her in uniform was hot. She was also chosen as the female artist who looks the best in military in a vote sometime last year. 61 out of 531 chose her and she was the only actress in the TOP 10 list.