Tourists Flock to East Sea Fisheries for Fresh Seafood

As one of the major harbors on the east coast, Jumunjin, located in the northeastern city of Gangneung in Gangwon Province is home to more than 3-hundred fishing vessels.
Fishing boats return to port every morning to have their catch put up for auction upon arrival before being shipped directly to restaurants and retailers across Korea.
The eastern fishery boasts a wide range of fish from mackerel to crab and octopus.

[Reporter : Song Ji-sun] "At this open fish market, customers can take home fresh fish at wholesale prices".

[Interview : Kim Bok-sun, Fish merchant] "Octopus taste best when they grow up to two to five kilograms, and this is the best time of the year as the water temperature is ideal for them".

Visitors and tourists from all over the nation travel quite a distance to Jumunjin to stock their fridges with fresh seafood and the region's renowned dry fishes.

[Interview : Baek In-ki, Incheon resident] "We arrived yesterday from Incheon, and just ordered some crabs to be steamed to take home. We also heard that the octopus here is great, so we are bringing some back as well".

The port village is especially famous for its squid.
A squid fishing boat has just returned, handing over hundreds of squid to local traders.
Customers can buy five fresh squid for 10-thousand won about nine US dollars.
Squid can be enjoyed anywhere along the east coast from Southern Gangwon to Northern Gyeongsang Provinces as squid migrate back in fall.
Song Ji-sun, Arirang News, Gangneung.