Trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Bittersweet Joke"

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Bittersweet Joke"


"Bittersweet Joke" (2012)

Directed by Paik Yeon-ah

Junseo lives with his mother and sees his father only once a week. One day, he overhears his mother speaking on the phone… Daddy is getting married with another woman? He wishes to live with both, his mother and father but his mom seems to have other plans.
Junseo's mother Hyungsook works as an active feminist protecting the rights of unwed mothers. She didn't want to begin marriage life without love just because of her pregnancy, so she turned down the proposal of Junseo's father. Her parents have abandoned her because they are ashamed of their out-of-wedlock grandson. As the wedding day of Junseo's father approaches, Hyungsook being overwhelmed being both-the mother and father-to her son realizes that she needs to make up with her parents for the wellbeing of her child.
Hyunjin is only 27 years old. Her ex-boyfriend left her as soon as she got pregnant and he's refusing to pay child support. Still, she hasn't given up hope on him completely but dreams of a "happy marriage life" with the one man she loves.

Release date in Korea : 2012/10/18