[TV Antenna] 'Repairing House of Love' corner and more

▲ Experiencing Life on Site starts 'Repairing House of Love'

KBS is starting a new corner, "Repairing the House of Love" in celebration of the 50th year of 2TV program "Experience Life on Site". The ice hockey team that got the bronze medal in the 2011 Winter Asian Games will be appearing. They will repair the house of a granny that lives in Yangpyeong, by a big road. KBS forecast reporters Kim Hye-seon and Noh Eun-ji go to a rabbit farm. They go through a battle with twenty thousand rabbits.

▲ MBC drama "Royal Family" about JK plutocrats first broadcasts

MBC mini series "Royal Family" (written by Kwon Eum-mi, directed by Kim Do-hoon) was first aired on the 2nd. This drama is about the JK plutocrats and the lives of the character in it. Actors and actresses like Ji Sung (Han Ji-hoon), Yum Jung-ah (Kim In-sook), Kim Young-ae (Gong Soon-ho), Jeon No-min (Eom Ki-do), Cha Ye-ryun (Jo H yeon-jin) and more are in this drama. On this episode of the drama Yum Jung-ah is treated like dust by the JK family. Kim Young-ae and Jeon No-min are very charismatic and dignified and Cha Ye-ryun is sophisticated just like a plutocrat daughter.

"49 Days" a block buster worth 100 million won ($US 100,000), shoots car accident scene.

New SBS drama "49 Days" (written by So Hyeon-kyeong directed by Jo Yeong-gwang) shot a car accident scene worth 100 million won. The production team gathered 36 cars and 50 extras for this scene. Nam Gyu-ri apparently wore a peach colored dress and threw herself onto the bonnet of the car and onto the road. "49 Days" is about a woman who falls unconscious after a car accident and has to get the tears of three people who really love her to survive. It is due this 16th and the cast is made up of Lee Yo-won, Jo Hyun-jae and Nam Gyu-ri.

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