U-Kiss, #1 Hallyu Group To Watch Out For In Japan

U-Kiss seems to be getting hotter with time.

According to a survey conducted by a major Japanese portal site "Zapallas", participants voted on U-Kiss as the number one Hallyu star in Japan to look out for this year. In fact, U-Kiss member Kevin was selected as number one in the Hallyu Star category while the group as a whole came in on top under the Group category.

100 famous Japanese fortune tellers were also involved in the survey, basing their decisions on the stars' astrological signs, blood types, as well as 574 other ways to determine one's fortune for the new year. U-Kiss was chosen in large part because some of the members will be in the drama series and a possible movie in both Korea and Japan.

Some members of U-Kiss are multi-lingual, speaking English, Japanese, as well as Chinese. This arms them with necessary skills to go global, which is exactly what they seek to do.

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