Upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"

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"Our Sunhi" (2013)

Directed by Hong Sang-soo

With Jung Yu-mi, Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Sang-joong, Jung Jae-young, Ye Ji-won, Lee Min-woo-I,...

Sunhi encounters three men from her past who are led to guess and define her, but unable to tell how she really feels inside. Hong Sang-soo's sixth film in four years and second in 2013 (following "Nobody's Daugther Haewon", which competed at this year's Berlinale), "Our Sunhi" finds one of Korea's favorite auteurs on strong, not to mention prolific, form. Starring Jung Yu-mi, who has worked with Hong on three previous occasions (2009's "Like You Know It All", "Oki's Movie" in 2010 and last year's "In Another Country"), HONG's 15th feature is expected to demonstrate his continued interest in familiar themes. Also on board will be Hong stalwarts Kim Sang-joong, previously in "The Day He Arrives" and Lee Sun-kyun, who appeared in Hong's "Night and Day" (2008), "Visitors" (2009), Oki's Movie (2010) and "Nobody's Daughter Haewon". Appearing for the first time in one of Hong Sang-soo's films will be popular dramatic and comic actor Jung Jae-young, known for his delightfully droll performances in such films as "Welcome to Dongmakgol" (2006), "Going by the Book" (2007) and "Castaway on the Moon" (2009). Finecut will be handling sales of the film, currently in post-production, during the Cannes Film Market.

In post-production