[Video + Photos] Added new 30s trailer and stills for the Korean movie 'Working Street'

Added new 30s trailer and stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Working Street"


"Working Street" (2016)

Directed by Lee Sang-woo-IV

With Baek Sung-hyun, Lee Si-kang, Lee Song-yi, Yoo Ji-soo,...

Find true love on the streets of desire!
Tae-seong (Baek Sung-hyun), who dreamt of a fancy life as a martial arts fighter, goes to Thailand with his brother Tae-gi (Lee Si-kang) who has no hopes or dreams and causes trouble wherever he goes. On Working Street where there are drugs and prostitutes, they meet Jenna (Lee Song-i) and their lives turn upside down.
Escape, roam and sex...the passion of youth erupts!

Release date in Korea : 2016/11/17