[Video] 30s Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Documentary "Tiptoeing"

30s trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Tiptoeing"



"Tiptoeing" (2019)

Directed by Kwon Woo-jeong

With Kwon Woo-jeong,...

Agricultural documentarist Kwon has documented her daughter's growth in Tiptoeing. Her eight-year-old girl was born premature and diagnosed with possibility of cerebral palsy. She still walks on tiptoe. The director has inner conflicts in a mother's position. Her daughter feels uncomfortable with her mom, because she pushes her not to tiptoe. Kwon's husband pushes her not to film their disabled daughter. Tiptoeing is a very honest and introspective documentary, dealing with solidarity and empathy between parents and children. KIM Youngjin

20th Jeonju International Film Festival

Release date in Korea : 2021/06/03