[Video] 30s Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Sword of Sarasen"

30s trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Sword of Sarasen"


"Sword of Sarasen" (2018)

Directed by Lim Jae-young

With Shin Ji-soo, Park Myung-shin, Kim Feel, Park Song-tech, Choi Dae-sung, Sung Hwa-yeon,...

Yoo-na, who had nowhere to go, lives with Allan, a foreign worker, at a small glass factory. Meanwhile, the owner of the factory entrusts Eun-ji, whom he sponsors, with the factory's accounting. Looking at Eun-ji and Allan, Yoo-na is confused as she recalls her past memories. President Kim, who has power in the factory, bullies Allan and the boss tries to rape Yoo-na. Having a lonely and hard time, Yoo-na and Allan get close to each other and new events occur with the knife of Sarasen, the only collection that Allan cherishes...

Release date in Korea : 2021/01