[Video] Adult rated trailer released for the Korean movie 'Campus S Couple'

Adult rated trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Campus S Couple"


"Campus S Couple" (2011)

Directed by Song Chang-yong

With Choi Phillip, Moon Bo-ryung, Seo Hyo-myung, Park Ran, Han Kyung-suk,...

Chan-seung and Ah-yeong met at a nightclub, they had a hot one-night stand.
After a few days, chan-seung was surprised by the fact that Ah-yeong was a junior of the same college, but the relationship will remain confidential within the two.
Meanwhile, Yoo-jin who has loved Chan-seung since childhood entered the same college to complete her love for Chan-seung.
One day Chan-seung met his ideal woman Min-jo and was trying to accomplish love with her.

Ah-yeong is cool and sexy, Yoo-jin is cute and attractive and Min-jo is the ideal woman.
What the hell Chan-seung make love with whom?

Release date in Korea : 2014/05/15