[Video] Adult rated trailer released for the Korean movie 'Dirty Romance'

Adult rated trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Dirty Romance"


"Dirty Romance" (2015)

Directed by Lee Sang-woo-IV

With Kim Joon-woo, Ahn Ha-na, Gil Deok-ho, Choi Hong-joon, Kim Dong-gyu, Jo Ha-suk,...

"Take care of our Mi-joong"
Cheol-joong who is struggling to survive, takes care of his sister Mi-joong who is severely handicapped. Mi-joong likes her brother's friend Chang-gi who doesn't even want to be near her because of her twisted body, her slurring speech, enormous weight and everything else. Cheol-joong asks Chang-gi to sleep with her for Mi-joong's sake. However, Chang-gi will not do such a thing. Meanwhile, mentally handicapped Deok-ho falls in love with Mi-joong. Cheol-joong however, can't stand that Deok-ho likes her...

Release date in Korea : 2017/01/05