[Video] Main Trailer Released for the Korean Movie "A Stray Cat"

Main trailer released for the Korean movie "A Stray Cat"


"A Stray Cat" (2020)

Directed by Ji Poong-seung

With Han Jeeho, Lee Ye-ji, Han Sang-chul, Han Sang-jo, Lee Jae-seok, Lee Sang-yoon-I,...

February 2028. Seok-goo, an old bachelor running a photo studio, while spending his free time was asked by a young lady for help as if she is being chased by a gangster.

She is the daughter of a big time gangster. Her father's rebellious subordinates killed his father for his wealth. If Seok-goo helps her, she will give him a small amount of money everyday.

No matter how much he looks at it, Eun-sook's identity is suspicious, and to Seok-goo, unimaginable things starts to happen.

Release date in Korea : 2020/04/15