[Video] New Trailer Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Good Wife: Wife's Experience"

New trailer added for the upcoming Korean movie "Good Wife: Wife's Experience"



"Good Wife: Wife's Experience" (2020)

Directed by Han Dong-ho

With Han Ga-in-I, Im Cho-hee,...

Oh Kwang-soo, a multi-personality who lives in his own world, accidentally finds Soon-i who fell on the road and takes her home.
Trapped in Oh Kwang-soo's world, Soon-i wants to escape the room as she feels as if she is being raised, watched and tamed like a pet with her abduction.
Soon-i wants a lover, someone who will love her completely, and not a sex partner.
Ma Dal-jin, a colleague and pornographic webtoon writer, adores Kwang-soo.
While he acknowledges Kwang-soo's mentality, whether he is real or virtual, he is also confused by his multiple personalities.
Soon-i, who eventually ran away, returns to Kwang-soo's World, confessing that her memory loss manipulated her to get other people's attention and love. Ironically, she dreams of moving to a bigger house (Garden of Eden) with the money she earned from selling herself...
Two people dreaming of true love. Can they live happily ever after?

Release date in Korea : 2020

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