[Video] New Trailer Released for the Korean Movie "Dust Angel"

New trailer released for the Korean movie "Dust Angel"

Special Trailer Joo Ji-ah Version

"Dust Angel" (2018)

Directed by Oh In-chun

With Na Hyun-joo, Joo Ji-ah, Lee Joo-hee-I, Noh Yi-seo,...

Also known as "Police Spy"
Elite secret agent Ji-won is on a mission to take an important package to the North. However, he loses the package on the way and he is stuck in a deserted forest near the DMZ unable to return to the South or the North. Two mysterious women appear in front of him. They are serial killers who have come into the forest to hide traces of their crime. Together, they have to hide each other, but reach their goals.

Release date in Korea : 2019/01/24