[Video] OCN Awards 2019 Winners

Winners of the OCN Awards 2019



Critically Attractive Award

"Strangers from Hell" - Lee Dong-wook


The Best Case Solver Award

"WATCHER" - Kim Hyun-joo


You Are a Syndrome Award

"WATCHER" - Seo Kang-joon


The Capability Award

"WATCHER" - Jung Do-won


The Unexpected Award

"Strangers from Hell" - Ahn Eun-jin


Making You Crying Award

"Priest" - Park Yong-woo


I Want to See Again Award

"God's Quiz: Reboot" - Ryu Deok-hwan


Fashionista Award

"Trap - Drama" - Yoon Kyung-ho


Strange Phenomenon Award

"Possessed" - Won Hyun-joon


There's Never Been a Dog like That Until Now Award

"Kill It" - Yeo-wool (Gray)


Crazy Lover Award

"Save Me 2" - Jang Won-young


Longtime Work Award

"Voice 3" - Son Eun-seo


Soles on Fire Award

"Class of Lies" - Keum Sae-rok


Workers' Idol

"The Running Mates: Human Rights" - Lee Joo-woo


Looks Like Everyone Grand Prize

"The Lies Within" - Lee Min-ki