[Video] Shin Se-kyung Aims to Smash Stereotypes with New Movie 'R2B'

<p>R2B: Return to Base" is not attracting hordes of moviegoers at the local box office, even though it was initially expected to draw a great deal of interest as it is Korea's first action film set in the air and contains thrilling scenes of fighter jets in action.

The movie, which focuses on a combat flying unit on a rescue mission, features state-of-the-art fighter jets such as the F-15K and TA-50 flying at altitudes of around 10,000 m, as well as zipping through downtown Seoul.

Shin Se-kyung, who appears in a landmark role as an aircraft mechanic, said, "I met two real female mechanics at Daegu Air Force Base while shooting the film. I didn't really model myself after them, but I observed them and peppered them with questions".

She said she shuttled between Seoul and the air force base for two months to fill out the edges of the character in order to play a more convincing role.

Sin debuted as a poster model for Seo Taiji's fifth album when she was just nine years old. Asked if she had dreamed of becoming an actress since her childhood, she said, "My first acting job came in 'My Little Bride' when I was 14. After that, I didn't act [for the next five years] because I didn't get any offers. I've only been acting again for the last three years, which is when my confidence in my choice of career grew".

"I started to get noticed after I appeared in MBC's hit sitcom 'High Kick Through The Roof' in 2009. Before that, I couldn't get any role no matter how hard I tried", she said. "So I had to focus on my studies at school, which was invaluable and something I wouldn't go back and change".

Some critics have questioned her acting skills and say her popularity is purely based on her attractive looks, but Sin remains unfazed.

"It's like riding a seesaw", she said. "The reason some people like my acting, but some don't, might be because I haven't built up enough experience yet. I'll keep trying to iron out the kinks, and not take other people's comments too much to heart".

"I will smash the stereotype of me being just another pretty face by cultivating my acting skills and showing that I can really act well".

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