[Video] Teaser released for the Korean movie 'The Hero'

Teaser released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Hero"

"The Hero" (2013)

Directed by Kim Bong-han

With Oh Jung-se, Park Chul-min, Jung Eun-pyo, Shin Ji-soo, Hwang In-young, Jung Yoon-suk,...

Formerly known as "Thunder Man" (썬더맨, sseon-deo-maen)
Joo-yeon (Oh Jung-se) is busy raising his kid alone and his son Gyoo-wan (Jung Yoon-suk) is a fan of "Thunderman" which his dad plays the main role of. Then one day, the program fails and Gyo-wan loses his will to do anything. Joo-yeon decides to become Thunderman for his son. Wait Gyu-wan! I'll be Thunderman for you!

Release date in Korea : 2013/09

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