[Video] Trailer Released for the Korean Movie "Adult Toy: Can I Do It for You?"

Trailer released for the Korean movie "Adult Toy: Can I Do It For You?"


"Adult Toy: Can I Do It For You?" (2020)

Directed by Joo Hyun-il

With Seok Bong, Han Ga-in-I, James, Lee Sul-ah-I, Yoo Jung-II,...

Kang-cheol and Mi-na are a couple. Kang-cheol is getting less and less confident... It's embarrassing to be criticized by Mi-na.
He decides to listen to his colleagues and seek help from medicine... Mi-na, who is discontented, also decides to buy a dildo from her friend. Kang-cheol went to a massage shop. He gained confidence though he's unsure whether it was the drug or if the service was just good. When the dildo broke while masturbating, Mi-na got angry and complains to the company... A male employee comes and provides A/S service, saying it is a temporary service. Kang-cheol witnessed the suspicious scene and calls the company... This time, a female employee came to serve him... However, the female employee only sold the goods and left... Kang-cheol is happy while looking at purchased adult products...

No release date in Korea yet