[Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie 'Fasten Your Seatbelt'

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Fasten Your Seatbelt"

"Fasten Your Seatbelt" (2013)

Directed by Ha Jung-woo

With Jung Kyung-ho, Han Soo-hyun, Kim Jae-hwa, Choi Kyu-hwan, Kim Ki-cheon, Kim Byung-ok,...

Formerly known as "Roller Coaster"
A plane headed to Tokyo from Kimpo with a Hallyu star on board runs into an unexpected storm and is in danger of crashing. The various types of passengers and flight attendants go through a funny round of events and this scenario was written and directed by actor Ha Jung-woo.

Release date in Korea : 2013/10/17

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