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Next we'll be moving on to our next segment of "Weekly Star Scene".

We have our Dami in the studio today. Hello Dami!

[Reporter : ] Hello, sean and 건영! Today for , I have some hot entertainment news! With the exciting spring season fast approaching, the entertainment industry is filled with many splendid news. Let's kick off this week's with the latest news.

Hyun Bin's popularity peaked with the drama "Secret Garden"! Now he is in an electronics commercial shoot.

[Interview : Hyun Bin, Actor ] "Hello, this is Hyun Bin. It's nice to meet you guys".

The sight of Hyun Bin simply standing in a black suit is enough to make his female fans' hearts flutter.

He shines not only in his suit, but even in casual clothes.

Hyun Bin will be joining the Marine Corps in a few days. We hope to see him shine again after the 2 years of his military service.

[Interview : Yoon Sang-hyun, Actor ] "Hello, everybody. It has been a long time".

The man who can act and sing! Yoon Sang-hyun, who played the role of "Oska" in the TV drama "Secret Garden", debuts in Japan. On February 16th, Yoon Sang-hyun released his first full-length album sending waves of excitement and anticipation across the sea.

[Interview : Yoon Sang-hyun, Actor ] "I just released my first full-length album in Japan. The title song is called "Precious". It is an upbeat, powerful song. Before releasing the album, I published an autobiographical book. Fans who read the book seems to have understood how I ended up releasing this album, so they purchased my album in great numbers".

We will be keeping our eyes on our new Hallyu star Yoon Sang-hyun as he travels back and forth between Korea and Japan.

Actor Kim Jeong-hoon reports to his fans after being discharged from the 2 years of military service.

After completing his service, Kim Jeong-hoon soon plans to return to the show business with great aspirations.

[Interview : PD] "During your military service, were you envious of any acting roles

[Interview : Kim Jeong-hoon, Actor and singer ] " All of them. The roles in the recent drama "Secret Garden" and others as well. The TV dramas are rerun on the weekend, and when watching them at the military compound, actors like myself often wish that we were playing those roles on the screen instead".

[Interview : PD] " What are your plans now

[Interview : Kim Jeong-hoon, Actor and singer ] " I am not completely sure how things will play out, but I'm planning on releasing an album and shooting a music video. A fan meeting will take place in Japan on White Day , followed by another one in April back in Korea. I can probably perform the new song at the Korean fan meeting".

After returning from the military, Kim Jeong-hoon seems more imposing than ever! We look forward to his next move.

[Interview : Kim Jeong-hoon, Actor and singer ] "I, Sergeant Kim Jeong-hoon, report that I have been discharged from the service as of February 28th, 2011".

Kim Jeong-hoon shares his future plans in front of 300 fans

Kim Soo-ro's comical acting has earned him much love from fans. He now returns to the screen as a master of tears in the latest movie of Director Jang Jin, "Romantic Heaven".

Kim Soo-ro is well-known for his comical acting. But it seems like he didn't find crying on camera a tricky business either.

[Interview : ] " Wasn't it difficult to cry on camera

[Interview : Kim Soo-ro, Actor ] "I did a lot of crying in the drama "Master of Study" as well. Everyone has cried before. So even when you are on camera, you should be able to cry if you are an actor unless your facial muscles become paralyzed".

We look forward to seeing how the movie "Romantic Heaven" with Kim Soo-ro as the main cast will be drawing tears from the viewers.

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