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Why did Kim Hyun-joong set forward to test paternity?

Lawyer Lee Jae-man is giving a statement regarding singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong's paternal test.


Lee told No Cut News that a statement will be given at noon on the 17th. Why did they decide to do this? We talked with the lawyer.

Q: There has been no official statement from your side yet. Is there a reason you are doing this now?

Lawyer: Kim Hyun-joong and his family asked me to organize their statements for them. It's not something like a press conference, although I'm only trying to clear up the immediate mess.

What will you be saying there?

I think it would mostly be about paternal matters as that's an important matter to the Kim family.

How far has the test gone so far?

For now Kim Hyun-joong has gotten a traveling DNA test and all that's left is the baby that Choi just gave birth to. The expenses are paid for by us so she only has to just do it. It's been a while since we requested a paternal test but she's been refusing too.

If the child turns out to be Kim's, is there going to be pressure on the case?

They are two different things. There has been too much malign for the case to end. It will go on. However, if it turns out the child is Kim's then we will be registering the child's name under that family and supporting it with money. That's what the family and Kim Hyun-joong himself wants.

Kim sued Choi for fraud, fraud of case and defamation. Is that still going on?

Investigations will start after Chuseok. It's going to take about 2~3 months but we asked the police to start investigating 3 weeks after the child is born.

Have you talked to Choi's legal attorney Seon Jong-moon?

I received two phone calls. The first one I do not remember clearly, but I told him there was only Choi left to do the paternal test. I did mention that we will sue them for refusing paternal testing but he said that they never refused. We didn't know Choi was giving birth yet so it doesn't make sense. Then he said he would ask Choi himself then called back to say they would do the paternal test under the condition that Kim Hyun-joong goes with her. A paternal test can be done on her own and Kim's not available at the moment because He's on Duty.

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