"Wild Romance" Lee Dong-wook and Lee Si-young

The first script reading for KBS 2TV's "Wild Romance" took place in a merry atmosphere.

"Wild Romance", which is to come right after "Glory Jane" on the 4th of January, shows the touching but funny romance of a baseball player and a bodyguard.

The first script reading of "Wild Romance" took place on the 18th of Novemeber in the KBS Star Hall. Lee Dong-wook, Lee Si-young, Oh Man-seok, Hwang Sun-hee, Lee Han-wi, Lee Won-jong, Kang Dong-ho and more attended the reading.

Lee Dong-wook, playing the role of bad tempered Park Moo-yeol, said, "I will melt into his character with all my effort, even though he looks cold".

Tough but lovely Yoo Eun-jae the bodyguard is going to be played by Lee Si-young. "I think the character is really fun and just right for me. I will act tough but not too much".

Meanwhile, "Wild Romance" is written by Park Yeon-seon from "Alone in Love" and directed by Bae Kyeong-soo from "Women in the Sun" and "Famous Princesses".

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