Writer Kang Eun-kyeong: 'Yoon Si-yoon Is Miraculous Actor'

The writer of the KBS 2TV drama "Bread, Love, and Dreams", Kang Eun-kyeong, highly praised the actor Yoon Si-yoon, who performed the protagonist of the drama, by saying, "Yoon Si-yoon is a miraculous actor. Thanks to his powerful acting, viewers loved the drama and cheered for the drama's success".

At an interview with a reporter held on September 14, she said, "I think that the actor Yoon Si-yoon's sincere acting might be transferred to the viewers, which helps to record the high viewer ratings. Thanks to his sincere and heart-warming acting, viewers could feel like cheering for him while watching the drama"

She added, "The reason why we are enthusiastic about the soccer player Park Ji sung is because he has shown diligent play by running across the ground all the time during the running time and he always runs right beside the ball. Like this, there might be many reasons how we can achieve the viewer ratings as high as 48.4 percent for the drama 'Bread, Love, and Dreams", but the most critical factor might be the same reason why people love Park Ji Sung. People love the protagonist named Tak Koo and the actor who performed the character who has shown sincere acting with humble attitude in the drama. His acting has captured the viewers' mind".

Actually, many people including staff members of KBS, had opposed the cast of Yoon Si-yoon for the role. He had received the spotlight by appearing in "High Kick Through The Roof", but he was still a rookie actor and it had been regarded as too risky to cast the rookie actor for the role of protagonist. But the writer Kang Eun-kyeong said that she wanted to cast him for the role. She said, "I do not know, but I liked him, I thought that he would be a suitable actor for playing the role. So, I had watched the drama "High Kick Through The Roof" again to see his acting. When we had held the first meeting with him, his eyes were sparkling. I had explained him that the character, Kim Tak Koo, was a person with the absolutely positive attitude, so I wanted someone who could act the character with the positive mind. But, after the meeting, many people still opposed to cast him, so I myself had been confused about casting him. In the second meeting, by the way, he told me with a firm voice without feeling of tension, 'Trust me. I will perform the character perfectly to calm every concern'. At that moment, I was touched by his attitude. So, I had sent text message to him saying, 'Let's do our best to smile when we finish filming the drama'. I am very happy now that our drama has gain great success".

She continued, "Yoon always has told me, 'I will do my best' and 'I will perform it as good'. In the middle of the filming, he also sent me a text message, 'I have started as a baby who just started to walk, but in the end, I will become a great actor'. For the reply, I told him, 'You are a miracle itself'. Actually, sometimes I had gotten the goose bumps by watching his powerful acting. As a writer for the drama, I am really appreciated for his good performance even though he is a rookie actor. He might have to have many difficulties while filming the drama. He had to act with many characters in the drama, and he might be distressed by the burden of acting as the protagonist, but he performed the character perfectly without giving up anything. I even felt admirable toward him".

It was not the first time that the writer Kang Eun-kyeong had casted a rookie actor and achieved a successful outcome. She already had casted rookie actors such as Han Ji-min and Jo Han-sun for the MBC drama "A Good Man" and Yoo Gun and Kim Ok-vin for the KBS drama "Hello, God". They all were rookie actors at that time, but Kang boldly had casted them as the protagonists of those drama.

Kang said, "I already had casted rookie actors and I know very well about the merit of casting rookie actors, so this time again, I just pushed away with my casting plan. It would be better to cast and work together with those rookie actors who are saying 'I am very appreciated for being cast for the role' instead of other star actors who are saying 'I will accept your casting suggestion'. Actor Yoon Si-yoon has humble attitude, but, at the same time, he has the boldness and confidence, and it has an important influences. Actors have to have those influences to attract viewers. Yoon Si-yoon might feel pressured due to the great success of this drama, but I trust him that he will overcome those pressures and become much better actors in the future".

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