Yeom Hye-ran, Kim Si-eun and Park Ji-hoo's Synergy in "Black Light"

The movie "Black Light" which predicted acting ensembles beyond the generations of actors Yeom Hye-ran, Kim Si-eun and Park Ji-hoo, unveiled 12 types of stills containing the secret relationship between the three over a car accident.


"Black Light" tells a secret story about two women who get entangled with each other through their husbands' car accidents.

The stills which were released on the 19th, raises the expectations of prospective audiences as it offers a glimpse of the secret relationship and overwhelming performance of the three actors. Yeom Hye-ran, plays Young-nam, who lives a hard life for her husband and daughter who are unconscious after an accident, and Kim Si-eun, plays Hee-joo, who digs into the truth of the day that led her to live in pain.

Yeom Hye-ran, who won the Jeonju International Film Festival's Actor Award last year and predicted endless acting transformation, shows her true value by breaking down into the cool character Black Light, which she has never shown before. Kim Si-eun, a gem in the independent film industry, will shine in her own sensibility as well as rookie actress Park Ji-hoo.

Park Ji-hoo, who plays Eun-young, the daughter of Black Light and knows secrets about her father's car accident, attracts attention with her mysterious charm. Starting with the meeting of Hee-joo and Eun-young one night in heavy rain, the actress stimulates curiosity about the secret story contained in "Black Light" which captures the brightness, noise and flow of emotions that change every moment.

Actress Yeom Hye-ran, who showed off her performances across screens and TV through dramas "The Uncanny Counter", "Best Friend", "New Year Blues" and "I", Kim Si-eun, who has been spotlighted for her solid acting skills in "Back from the Beat" and "Spirits' Homecoming", and Park Ji-hoo who captivated the world's leading film festival with her role Eun-hee in "House of Hummingbird", are coming together with rookie director Bae Jong-dae.

"Black Light" is scheduled to be released in February.