Yeon Jun-suk, "Nam Ji-hyun is kind"

Actor Yeon Jun-suk said Nam Ji-hyun is "Bright and a kind friend".


Yeon Jun-suk starred in the SBS UHD Special "Mystery Freshman". This drama is about finding hope and happiness amongst fake university students.

Yeon Jun-suk takes on the role of Lee Min-seong, a perfect student with the perfect family, education and looks. However, he has a secret that no one knows about. He makes friends with Oh Ah-yeong, a mysterious sophomore.

Yeon Jun-suk said about Min-seong, "He is a character who experiences knew things even love. I try hard to be positive in the drama and director Kim Yoo-jin-III helps me a lot".

Yeon Jun-suk starred in dramas "Shining Inheritance", "Answer Me 1994", "Make a Wish" and more. This time he is starring this special drama with a friend named Nam Ji-hyun and they are the same age.

Nam Ji-hyun chose the bicycle riding scene as the most memorable one.

Yeon Jun-suk said, "Ji-hyeon is attractive and the bicycle scene was our so-called first date so it was a fun one".

"I remember the saying 'living someone else's life won't make you happy' and it kept popping in my head every now and then during the making of the drama. I wish everyone can read it and think about it again and again".

Meanwhile, "Mystery Freshman" is a collaboration by Kim Yoo-jin-III and writer Hwang Ye-jin starring Nam Ji-hyun, Yeon Jun-suk, Kim Hee-seong, Seo Hyun-chul, Lee Jin-yo, Jo Yun-seo, Sin Jae-ja, Park So-eun, Gong Myung and others.

It is a well-made drama taken all over Seoul, Incheon, Ulsan and others.