Yoon Kyung-ho Starring in OCN's "Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation"

Actor Yoon Kyung-ho is starring in the OCN dramatic cinema series "Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation".

"Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation" is a satisfactory investigative drama about a group of eccentric outsiders from different areas using all methods necessary to solve unsolved crimes. It is OCN's third 'Dramatic Cinema' project since "Trap - Drama" and "Strangers from Hell".

Cha Tae-hyun, Lee Sun-bin, Jung Sang-hoon and Ji Seung-hyun have already been cast, and Yoon Kyung-ho is the latest addition.

Yoon Kyung-ho tackles the role of Teddy Jeong, the owner of a cocktail bar called Red John who used to be a legendary fist fighter in the dark streets of Kangbuk in Korea, but has turned over a new leaf. He struggles with the weight of time and asthma, but he is on the front line as a troubleshooter who shows age-old ability.

Yoon Kyung-ho starred in the OCN drama "Trap - Drama", tvN's "Confession - Drama" as well as "When the Devil Calls Your Name", and the films "Juror 8" and "Start-Up" just last year.

This year, he'll be appearing in the new jTBC drama "Itaewon Class" and the film "An Honest Candidate" as well.

"Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation" begins in the first half of the year.


"Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation" is directed by Kang Hyo-jin, written by Jung Yoon-sun-I, Lee Yu-jin, and features Cha Tae-hyun, Lee Sun-bin, Jung Sang-hoon, Ji Seung-hyun, Park Tae-san, Jang Jin-hee. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/03/04~Upcoming, on OCN.